We Teach to Be Active and Creative

If you want to immediately grow up with us and implement your best ideas, if you want to see your happy children – look at your resume.
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Extensive knowledge base for a child

We work according to international standards, taking into account current trends and best educational practices, introducing learning languages early of foreign.

A developed child is our mission

We want everyone to have enough knowledge, experience, confidence and decision-making on the foundations of values in order to make their own choices and create their own future.
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  • w-education-infobox-figure-3 10 Teachers
  • w-education-infobox-figure-2 Official education
  • w-education-infobox-figure-4 5 Classrooms

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    Taking care of your child

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    We pay a lot of attention to the careful selection and inspection of each member of our staff.

    Cameron Williamson

    Director of school

    Kristin Watson

    Early development

    Ronald Richards

    Programming teacher